A universe rich in planets, cultures, and languages, the world created in Where Peace Is Lost, is a troubled one. With the Pale trying to take over the known worlds and people fighting back, news that an old Pale war machine has been reactivated and a motley, and unlikely do, land on a hidden planet where the flora and fauna have rights of their own, startle a young mechanic and an old soldier with secrets, out of their complacency.

I immediately connected with our main character, and the nonbinary secondary character was a lovely touch, as was the description of the animals and the world that seems like one in which I’d like to live. The excellent storytelling pulled me into a far away world, where I wanted to stay, and I hope to look and see if the author has written other stories in this ‘universe’ and also look forward to these characters’ adventures being furthered, should the author choose to do so.

With all of the world building, characterization and description that this science fiction fan loves, I greatly enjoyed this story.

I received a review copy of this book from Netgalley and it will release on August 29, 2023.