When I review, I do my best to be impartial and review the book on its merits. In order to be transparent about my review process, I’ve put together these review policies.

Reviews will be posted at my discretion, even if they are not glowing 5* reviews. I cannot guarantee a good review for every book. However, I try to use the “oreo” method of giving feedback, which means that I say something I like on either side of the constructive criticism or concerns I may have about a title. If I cannot say anything nice, well, then I won’t say anything at all. I believe nearly every book has some redeeming qualities.

I will not review books for people I know personally or authors I may work with in other capacities. Likewise, I won’t be able to review collections in which I am a participating author.

I will not tag authors in reviews or let them know their book has been reviewed unless they specifically request it. I request that if you’re replying to social media posts from this page that you don’t tag the author either. Do not assume authors want to know. (Sometimes we don’t, though praise is usually almost universally welcome.)

All reviews will state where the book has come from (i.e. my own collection, netgalley, etc.)

We put links to purchase the books in our reviews. These are affiliate links for which we’ll receive a small commission. You were going to buy the book anyway (right?) so this just helps support us.

I do not guarantee a specific delivery date or timeframe for reviews.