I’ve enjoyed this author’s books before, so I was eager to read this one. Set in an alternate version of Europe, that’s still recognizable for all the players, this story follows a young princess as she’s betrothed to a younger prince and discovers that her family isn’t exactly as it seems.

This book read like a lush, streaming period drama, full of characters you’ll want to love (and some you’ll be happy to loathe), and comeuppance aplenty. Filtered throughout the story are snippets from a book from the world talking about cooking, and talk of the food will have your mouth watering. If you enjoy cheese–and who doesn’t?–the many varieties which find themselves in this story will have you wishing for your own platter.

The book ends with a good resolution–no cliffhangers here–but certainly ready to pick up next installment when it releases. I can’t wait to return to this world.

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