As someone who has been working with animal reiki and animal chakras since the mid 90s, I found the book to be rather simplistic and generalized to all animal species. The author focuses on cats, horses, and dogs, giving examples of working with these common companion animals. And while the book indicates its an introduction, it seems to be a lead-in to other books or classes. I kept expecting a sales pitch at the end, because of how the book was composed, including talking about other minor or “bud” chakras, but then never going beyond mentioning a few of them.

The book seemed to take the overlays of the human chakra system and put it on companion animals, which is a good place to start. However, animal chakras are so much more complex than that, and it does a disservice to simply assume the chakras are alike between cat, dog, and horse, let alone humans.

For a novice this book might be a good overview, but I’d hope that the reader would do more research beyond this title.

I purchased this book due to an interest in the topic.