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How do I read the books I purchase at Reader Barn?

We provide books in EPUB and MOBI formats for download to your reading device. You must create a username and password in order to purchase and download ebooks, including free ones and reader magnets.

Due to the wide variety of devices (tablets, phones, ereaders) used to read ebooks and the various app manufacturers, we cannot provide support for any specific device or app, even if it’s mentioned on this page. A search engine can be your friend for finding instructions for how to transfer books to your preferred reading device/app. If you’re not comfortable transferring a purchased file to your preferred reading device or app, this may not be the vendor for you.

If you have a Kindle (except Kindle Paperwhite), you may email the book to your send to kindle email address, which ends in @kindle.com. You can obtain the email from your Content and Devices page at Amazon. (Amazon -> Click on the drop down next to where it says Hi (name), Account and Lists, and choose Content and Devices. Then, Click on “Devices” at the top of the page, and click on your device type, then your actual device listing to see your send to kindle email.) Send-To-Kindle now supports both epub and mobi files. It may take several minutes or longer for the book to sync to your device depending on Amazon’s server load, your device, and your internet connection.

Otherwise you may need to move the ebook into the folder where you store books in your app/on your device. If you’ve downloaded the book on a laptop or desktop computer, you may need to connect your device with a USB cord to move the file(s) to it. Again, please consult support (or your favorite search engine) to find out how this works for your device/app.

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