Heat Level Explanations & Policies

Reader Barn offers books for sale in our bookstore as well as through various promotions and announcements. Some of these books may contain intimate situations or more explicit content. The lines blur at times between romance and other genres. We do not sell erotica or promote erotica on our site. All books must as their main plot be a romance, fantasy, or science fiction story. To help readers determine which books they want to purchase, we have implemented a heat level rating.

We comply with all regulations and by purchasing from our site, all customers confirm they are over 18 years of age, or a legal adult in their jurisdiction.

Authors are asked to categorize their books appropriately.

0 Flames

These stories have no sexual/romantic content as the main plot.

1 Flame

These stories may have romantic content. Hugs and kisses are shown on screen, but are not detailed. The bedroom door is CLOSED.

2 Flames

The bedroom door is still closed; however, the language isn’t explicit and the romance is much more demonstrative. No f-bombs, but may use occasional swearing.

3 Flames

These books have steam. The bedroom door is open, and they are sexy. There are usually three or four main love scenes, and one f-bomb. Think “R rated” movies.

Books that are 4 & 5 flames can be found on Spicy Ebooks (spicyebooks.com)