THANK YOU for purchasing our book upload service.

Please send the following information to support(a)

If the email address you’re sending this information from is not the one you registered with, please let me know your email address used on this site.

A Word doc containing the following:

  1. Book Title
  2. Blurb
  4. Name of Cover File if not obvious
  5. Genre(s) from the list on our website only.
  6. Tags for the book (up to 10). Note: If the book is permafree or a reader magnet that does not count as the 10, but please list it.
  7. Publisher if applicable
  8. CLEAN vendor links for all vendors. (See this Knowledge Base Article if you have questions.) DO NOT USE AFFILIATE, UNIVERSAL, OR SHORTENED LINKS.
  9. If your book is a reader magnet, what formats is it offered in? (EPUB/MOBI/PDF) and where can it be downloaded?

A Note About Cover Files:

Cover files should be 2MB or less, ideally “low resolution” or “web resolution”. Yes, I will resize the files, but sending low resolution files is best so your cover appears the way you want it to. If your cover designer did not provide a low resolution file, then your cover designer is not offering you the best service. All professional cover designers will provide a low or web resolution file as well as a high resolution file. Ideally, they will provide covers in multiple sizes. We’re looking for one closest to 600×900 pixels.

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