Once Rose had been a famous opera singer, using her magic and her ability to wield all the elements with her voice to stun crowds. Then the magic burned her out, leaving her with multiple sclerosis and she retired to a cabin in northern Colorado. There, she watches over a node of power, and a herd of unicorns. But something threatens the node and the unicorns, and together with a group of Armis agents known as the Trio, she's their only hope.

With the help of a special unicorn and the healing of the land, Rose faces her biggest fear--her disability--to protect the unicorns from a group that wants to see them gone forever.

Author's note: This book is slightly related to the Wings & Horns series, and if you like unicorns and pegasus, don't miss the Pegasus Enchantment series as well.

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media

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