Sent on a bogus mission to Jonesboro, Agent Tracker finds himself at the wrong end of a charging bull and an investigation into his work gone wrong. With his life in danger and the discovery that his agency is keeping an alien-possessed cow hostage to kill troublesome agents, he finds himself torn between safety and liberating the innocent bovine. He always knew working for the goverment meant doing shady things, but might involve his life.

Publisher: AWYS Press

Returning from Clinton, IA, Agent Tracker finds that he's suddenly under scrutiny for falsifying reports. Which, of course he didn't do because he didn't know Junior was an alien agent. Not only is his job on the line, but a botched kill mission, means that he's about to be terminated--permanently. His only ally? A duck-like species who may be at war with the aliens working secretly with his government.


Being pulled back from an investigation of alien-possessed cows by his boss seemed par for the course these days. Until he turned in his incident reports and biological samples and apparently kicked over a hornet's nest because now his agency is spying on him. When the aliens are trying to infiltrate your own goverment, what's a special agent to do but accept help wherever it can be found. Even if it quacks.


A strange massacre in an Iowa bar shouldn't be any of his business. As a PsyNet agent tasked under DHS, Dick Tracker normally works the more unusual cases. He's sent there as part of the Patriot Files and not even he knows why. But once he sees the UFO and a murderous cow, not to mention all the bodies, he realizes that there's more going on than he realizes or he's being told. And he's the man find out the truth.


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